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From the everyday, casual bar to fine dining, white tablecloth establishments, china dinnereware is a foodservice industry favorite! Available in a wide range of color, shape, and design options, china dinnerware is extremely versatile and complementary to virtually any décor of your restaurant, bar, catering service, or cafeteria. Depending on your establishment, we can also help you decide which color of restaurant china dinnerware is most appropriate for you! Browse our various shades of white china dinnerware, including bone white, ivory, white, and bright white. Or go with a vibrant red, blue, or yellow for your themed restaurant or event.

Whether you’re shopping plates for entrées, lunch specials, desserts, and side salads, bowls for soup and pasta, or any other accessory piece such as ramekins, creamers, vases, and teapots, there’s an option for every menu item. With mugs and bowls in almost any capacity and plates of various diameters, you can accommodate any meal, small or large.

Our restaurant china dinnerware also features many different rim styles, including wide and narrow to best suit your chef’s preference. Wide rimmed plates are great for presentation purposes, and narrow rim plates make portions look more filling. Regardless of how causal or upscale you want to go, china dinnerware is an ideal option for adding a welcoming touch to any table setting!